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I've added the TIME-LINE

At the suggestion of some web-site visitors, I have added a page for Calypso's Time-Line. I have been told that there is "too much stuff"; and yes I have to agree, I am over the top, just a tad. So to accommodate the "can you connect the dots better? I don't know where I am in the story." I have added a page with links to the different aspects in the story. AND I have connected the web-site to my Face Book Page's History. So by scrolling down the page through the years from the very start - you can follow the story as it happened. From a simple FB post, to the Eureka Moment itself, to the larger story. Yes, there are individual moments to remember, there are Pod-casts and things enhanced by Music, there are Road Trips, and times on Race Tracks across the country, and most importantly the stories, including friends and family that have made this all happen. I hope this new web-site page helps you through the "too much stuff".

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