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JAKE was NOT designed in

I continue to get impressed with the Corvette Management team. I just got a phone call from "Paul" who is on Tadge's staff. Last September I talked to Tadge at Laguna Seca, and told him about my discovery of SOLAR JAKE. He had never heard of such a thing. Later I sent a link to my YouTube Video to his "office", as I had lost the email address he gave me. It turns out that "they" did question the body design engineers to see if anybody had done anything to produce what is clearly a resemblance of JAKE cast by the sun's reflection off the back of the C7 Corvette. "Paul" assured me that the results came back negative. It is strictly by as he put it "happen chance".

Now then if you own a C7, you can duplicate the SOLAR JAKE with your C7. I have put instructions (and a link to the video I sent them) on the "Papers" page.

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