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Manual or Automatic

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Yup. I've gone down THAT path. Just 8 days prior to submitting my order, I was still thinking about the question over which transmission. The picture shown here, was a part of that thinking. Now in retrospect, I present my way of thinking with regards to that age old question (while it lasts) as a "paper" and a couple of videos on my "Paper" page. So please visit the page with this link and scroll down to: "Calypso is an Automatic".

One of the future "papers" or "stories" will be about the wait between the deposit and the start of the build. There are already some tangents on the web-site, and this is another one that will be tied in at that future date. BUT, it is relevant now; as I did a quick analysis of the 2014 Auto compared to the 2015, because Bob Stall management wanted me to change my order from a 2014 to a 2015. We all know I stuck with the 2014 (with the risk), but my analysis added to the decision to stay with the 2014 and the 6L90 Transmission - fewer gears and a perfect lay-over. I saw no real advantage in the context of what I have written about on this post and on the "Papers" page.

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