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Well here it is; Calypso's own Web-Page, in the form of a Vlog. Shown on the other pages of this web-site are videos and stuff that I have collected/created to date. As I move deeper into my life, with Calypso, I will be adding things to this site.

This has primarily been created because I am still noting that Calypso is very often a "one-car" car show. She gets attention wherever she goes. Just recently she was parked near-by where we had my grand-daughters Girl Scout Cookie Booth set up. In that two hour time frame where I was strictly providing adult supervision, I took note of the passers-by. A total of 15 people stopped and looked at Calypso, some even took pictures. Ten of the 15 actually bought cookies; so I had a chance to ask them about their "Calypso Stop", as I thanked them for supporting my grand-daughters. Without exception they wanted to know more.

So creating this web-site; to which I can direct people with business cards, came to mind. My hope is that; given that easy link, their desire "to know more" will be met.

We'll see.

Finally - please keep in mind that I have never done this before. I have no clue as to how a "blog" or "Vlog" works. There are a bunch of things I will learn as we go along here. At the top of the list - I have no clue what the icons for FB, Twitter et al do. I guess I'll find out.

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