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New Page and MORE

I have added a new page to Calypso's web-site. It's called "On" Calypso. On this page I will be adding "stuff" that have changed on Calypso since I brought her home from the Museum Delivery back in 2014. I provide information about what changed, how and why I did it and how it got done; including links to the sites of suppliers I recommend.

Additionally I have provided more cross-links between the pages on the over-all web-site as well as a bunch of new videos - including the some of the 360 videos as Wix does support the playing of those videos on some additional platforms.

So YES the amount of time it takes to cover all the material I have put on this web-site is now up and over 14 HOURS. Please don't do that all at once; but do please enjoy it when you can - you can keep coming back to more and more of it = it's growing nearly every day.

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