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R8C - National Corvette Museum Delivery

First, sorry for the clipped picture on the left here, it came out OK on FB, so now you're just going to have visit the new page. It was inspired by a friend and a friend of his, I have provided some focus on Calypso's Museum Delivery. There have been bits and pieces of that magnificent day here and there all over the site. But now linked with my "About" page, there is a page that focuses on that day. The thing that really inspired me was a video that my friend's friend produced with a VERY UNIQUE vantage point of the Museum. I have shared that video as a feature on the new page. You really should check it out.

AND of course the work continues (as it always will) on the "San Diego County" page. I have just added several more videos for you to explore - all via the dedicated YouTube Play-List OR via Google Earth mapping of the project made possible with the "San Diego County" page. If you have any "favorite rides" in San Diego County, please let me know and I will add them to the list. AND don't forget to include a suggested "sound track" for your selection. Finally, I have this sound track running through my mind and I don't know what it should be used with as far as a "video" of San Diego County is concerned. The piece is called "Magna Carta" from the movie "Nebraska" (and I sure as hell am not going there), it's by Mike Orton. So any sections of road, and topography you think would fit, would be greatly appreciated.

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