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Route 66 Expansion

There have been a few instances of late regarding Route 66, and to be frank other than the 1 hour and 40 minute movie that has been on the "Long Trips" page, I didn't really spend much time with the first big trip that Calypso and I went on. BTW that 1 hour and 40 minute movie includes the trip from the Museum to Chicago. So if you want to watch JUST the Route 66 part (it's an hour long) use this link to get you to the beginning of the Route 66 part. Anyway, today I added a few things to flesh the Route 66 portion of the "Long Trips" page. Right at the top (as shown above) three pictures showing the "Begin Route 66" sign, and then the half-way point, and then the "End of the Trail" sign (1 of 3 markers at the end) marking the end of Route 66 at the Santa Monica Pier.

Now technically, the "half-way" point; I didn't do until the trip in 2019, which is also on the "Long Trips" page, as is the video, I call "Brooks", the mood and the motivation for both fit better here. Because YES, my biggest take-away from my Route 66 Trip and that of the 2019 trip were indeed the people I met - that are NOT featured here.

IF that doesn't motivate you to do YOUR Route 66 Trip - then perhaps the video that inspired me will - I've added "Billy Connolly rational for Route 66".

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