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Route 66 THE TRIP

Updated: May 20, 2020

Still at home, being socially distant? Got some time to kill? I have made a BIG addition and a small "teaser" to the “Trips” page. Almost at the top of that page; Calypso’s FIRST cross country trip – Route 66. It’s an hour and 40 minutes long. Also you should know that the first 18 minutes of the video, covers “Getting Calypso”. If you want to watch JUST the Route 66 Part, go to the 40:45 mark. The time in between 18 minutes and the 40 minutes is the side trip to visit my East Coast Family. Finally as the "teaser"; at the bottom of that same page is a short 8 minute video, to flesh out the Central States. It's called "Billy and OK City".

In the early part of 2014; KPBS broad-casted Billy Connolly’s Route 66 Trip. That four-show series majorly motivated my Route 66 Trip, along with my memories of the TV show Route 66. You can occasionally find the four Billy Connolly shows on YouTube. Currently the link to Episode 1 @ this link; it’s been listed there for two years now. AND you can kill some “at home time” with those as well – each of them is about an hour and twenty minutes long; and well worth the time spend. BTW you can also find the original Route 66 shows on YouTube as well. It ran for 4 years when it aired between October 1960 to March of 1964. That’s 116 episodes @ one hour each.

Now then, "Route 66" wasn't always ON Route 66. As a matter of fact the very first show took place in Mississippi, they were on their way to Biloxi - no where close to Route 66.


I’m willing to bet you don’t know the connection between Buz Murdock (the character played by George Maharis) and the issues of today. Mid-way through season 3, Buz Murdock left the show and was replaced by a Vietnam Vet named Lincoln Case, played by Glenn Corbett. This took place because “Buz” caught the Echovirus. In actuality Maharis was absent for several episodes, due to a bout of infectious hepatitis. He returned for the start of the third season, but was again absent for a number of episodes before leaving the show entirely midway through season three. Consequently, in numerous episodes in late season two and early season three, Tod travels solo, while Buz is said to be in the hospital with "echovirus". Tod is often seen writing to Buz in these episodes or having a one-sided phone conversation with him. Tod appears solo in 13 episodes.

And finally this tid-bit. Most of you know I was “hard-over” to get Calypso, in March of 2014. That would have been the 50th anniversary of “Route 66’s” last show. At the time, I was really upset that there would be no more Corvettes’ to watch on TV anymore. That winter (actually December) is when my Sister got married and I got my first ride in a 64’ Corvette that one of her friends had just bought. I got to ride to the Wedding rehearsal in it – I was in second heaven. But, getting Calypso in March of 2014 didn’t happen, as you well know. It was the end of July. SO – My trip on Route 66 was a good compromise, I traveled the road exactly half way between the anniversaries of the end of Route 66 and my FIRST RIDE in a Corvette.

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