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San Diego Automotive Museum Road Rally

Saturday, Mike and I went to the San Diego Automotive Museum Road Rally. It turned out to be more of a "Run" than a Rally, but it was fun never the less. I did 2 legs of the run with my Corvette Club friend Dale and his new C8. That was cool too. I did one "passing maneuver" on the first leg to get positioned to take video of some of the other club member's car, but that was it for speed", one very short 30 second excursion. I also have two videos included on the "Shows" page (at the bottom); one that shows the exit from the Museum Parking lot, and one as we left the Casino parking lot which was the last stop of the show. These two "Departure" videos are 360 videos, so watch them on YouTube on a big screen and take a look around = there are some fantastic cars to be seen.

Finally and because this was a "run" and not a "Rally", it's not a big thing. BUT - I did finish first in Group Two which included the North County Corvette Club. Thanks in a large part to my friend Mike who was a great navigator and got us to the Sycuan Casino on the best possible route.

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