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San Diego County CoVid-19 Positive Map

While this has NOTHING to do with Calypso; some people on FB like the maps that I was posting on a couple of the groups that I follow. So rather than posting it there. Those that want to see the different slant I put on the County Maps (where the increases take place). They can set up a link to the "Stories" page and get access to it (it's at the bottom of the page).

Now the first few slides (6) - the "map" by HHSA wasn't being done. That didn't start until March 29th. So the first few slides are maps that I did - which was very time consuming. But as time progresses they will become less meaningful.

Now then the "current" maps by HHSA. HHSA puts color coded numerical count circles on the map by the status of the community/ (city); like Incorporated and Unincorporated made a difference in a Virus spread. So my only contribution to this effort is now changing the color coding their circled #'s showing the increases day by day with yellow circles. If there was no change to the count of a community from the previous day the HHSA color code is there. If it's yellow = there was an increase.

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