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San Diego County Rides

Some of you recognize this map as coming from "Google Earth" (because it says so (lower right corner)). Yup! Because some have asked, "Where are these video's taken - not the cross country or trip ones, the others"; I have decided to add a new page (and a whole new project) to Calypso's web-site. I have added "San Diego County" (on the "Trips" menu), which as it turns out was originally motivated by my book "Calypso Does San Diego County". Which is on the "Stories" page with the other Calypso Books.

BUT this new adventure in the PC world of mine, is marrying my Google Map records of the trip videos I take, some of which are found on this web-site. To the vastly superior Google Earth perspective. Google Earth is not just a mapping program. It's a fantastic viewing tool allowing you to explore places vicariously. SO - if you want to know where a certain "ride" is, over time it will show up on the new "San Diego County" Page. The KMZ file I provide on the "San Diego County" page will be updated with the links to the YouTube videos, which can be played directly in Google Earth.

AND because of my recent re-interest in the 360 Camera views - whole new videos will be added - and this will be the place where they are added because I'm going to re-do "Calypso Does San Diego County" but with 360 Videos, instead of just pictures.

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