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Six speed transmissions

So you might ask why I'm pointing out with a Calypso Blue line a section of Highway on Oahu. Calypso has never been to Hawaii, and probably never will and what in the hell does that have to do with the title "Six Speed Transmissions". Well about a month ago, I put up stuff on "Manual Vs. Automatic". I had a friend comment on the sound in one of the videos. I had to agree with him; the transmission and the shifting there-of has a huge impact on the sound everyone loves about sports cars. I even have a previous paper on Exhaust Sound. And that reminded me of a story in my past that sort of ties those topics all together. Oahu, shifting, sound, manual, and/or automatic. So I added a two page story that does exactly that. I hope you enjoy it, I have posted it at the bottom of "Calypso is an Automatic" on the Papers Page, even though it is equally fitting for the Exhaust Sound paper.

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