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It's funny how the mind works. Thinking about the approach of the COVID19 APEX created a connection for me to the BUS STOP Turn at Spring Mountain. Here is the FB post that triggered the thought.

"On one of the local Poway FB Groups I watch, a friend talked about "getting on the throttle", and mind you I loved the analogy. We are all watching for the APEX on this COVID19 thing, and comparisons to other Virus pandemics are being used in comparison. In my thinking those Virus attacks were very much like handling Apex and Apogee on flat tracks. This one is more like turns 8 and 8a at Laguna Seca. So as we come up the rise on the approach turn 8 with the COVID19 track, keep in mind there might not be a straight - 8a (and 9) might be in our immediate future."

So to complete that thought here is my short clip of THE CORKSCREW turns at Laguna Seca. It, like COVID19 has a long uphill approach to the apogee, then the first APEX with no vision of what comes next.

Now then I have added two videos to my TRACK page here on this web-site that you might want to watch, as the "BUS STOP" turns @ Spring Mountain are on a flat track with a slight downhill approach to the apogees and apexes. You have pretty of good visibility of what's coming so planning your moves is VERY educational, and good preparation for a track where visibility is marginal at best.

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Sandra Zepik-Stringfellow
Sandra Zepik-Stringfellow
20. Apr. 2020

I really enjoy riding in Calypso. One ,I like the California view. Two, I like going fast. Three, I like the people involved. I see Calypso and see California Dream-In.

Gefällt mir
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