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The Naming of Calypso

First, sorry! I have been busy with my Son Nick and his family from mid July to mid August and there has been NO TIME to mess with Calypso's web-site in that time.

BUT my son Jesse reminded me on the way home from a family get together last night about the connection between MY beloved Calypso and the movie series Pirates of the Caribbean. So today with Nick and family's departure. There is now time to expand upon the John Boothby "Naming of Calypso"; I remembered all the connections to the movie series and have added a page to the site, under the HOME menu, that ties everything together.

And then of course there was a special "ride" with my grandson Eli. He took a liking to a favorite song of mine and the title of the song fits HIS connection to Calypso. So here are two different perspectives of that song and the connection.

And the one below allows you to select the view from the 360 Camera.

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