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Track Perspectives

Inspired by someone over the last couple of days, I went searching for some videos. The best selection "on topic" turned out to be from my time at the Corvette Driver's School. Then came the question since the "topic" bridges two areas on this Web-site - I decided to add it to the beginning of the "Track Time Details" page. Although it could work as a lead in to "Harry's Lap-Timer" that is on the "On-Calypso" page and needs more detail. There you will find the real video, where this picture is NOT; it's just a screen capture of it.

This topic is the "perspectives" of Track Time. Views that are available with the Corvette's PDR (Performance Data Recorder) option. Something that Calypso DOES NOT HAVE. As you may already know I use the GARMIN VIRB cameras and HARRY'S LAP TIMER for this purpose and while in my opinion they are superior to the PDR; this view of "perspectives" is far easier to see with the PDR (and follow-on options).

So, use the links in this post or use the Menu selections to go to the "Track Time Details" page, and you can see this summary video, and get access to the 5 videos there.

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