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Trip or Track, Here or There

Four videos added, with a duality of association. Trips and Tracks are tied together with an identical sound track, clips in one and pics in another. Motivated by the music "Petal", I was collecting the stills taken of Calypso on her track days at Spring Mountain; halfway through I realized that the number was virtually the same number of States that I had passed through during my 2019 trip. So I made two videos - Trip and Track, and they are now located in context on their respective pages here; "Trip" in the 2019 Trip overview, and "Track" @ Spring Mountain on the "Details" page.

Then a new "Stay at Home"/ FB friend I have made, Albert; turned me onto some pieces of music and a subsequent musical thread. The first one that caught my attention was actually last in my production. What I call "Circles" is actually "Harpborough Fair", a great piece of music that lends itself to playing around with video editing from different perspectives. The perfect place was right here in Poway, up at Poway Lake where I played with videoing some "circles". Subsequently it fell right into place with Calypso's San Diego County "Rides". Additionally, the combination instrument of a Harp with a guitar led to a web-search. Where I found a great interpretation of "Going to California", which reminded me of the morning of the last day of my Cross Country Trip in 2019. So it has taken it's place on the "Long Rides" page, under the "Western States".

The music and the two artists who play the Harp / Guitar are truly inspirational, similar to the time when I got "bit" by the Hammered Dulcimer (but I'm not going to try this time - the Hammered Dulcimer was too difficult). Here are the links to the two, should you wish to view the originals:

Harpborough Fair =

Going to California =

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