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What has my iPhone got to do with Calypso

Yesterday, someone near and dear to me, someone who knows me very well took note that I own an iPhone; which was clearly recognized as being out of character for me. It is a well known fact that I had taken a dislike to Apple since my first business dealings with them in the late 80's. This was, in spite of the fact that I owned a Macintosh 128 in the mid-eighties (that I grew to dislike) at the time (because they came out with the 512 in less than a year). My company went with an IBM compatible interface and a competitor went with Apple. The battle was on, which we eventually won; but it was tough in those days. Based on our "win" and their loss and bankruptcy; I have always been a anti-apple guy - until Calypso.

So why do I own an iPhone now? And what is about Calypso that changed my thinking?

The story is now posted on my "Story" page.

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