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At the request of a friend, I have added yet another page. The page is called Wrecks. After thinking about it; my friend was correct, the two "incidents" (which was too long a word for the page titles) are a part of the Calypso story. So I did add the page. In each instance I learned a lot and I either made new friends, or solidified existing friend ships. Now true enough there are some aspects of the "wrecks" that bleed over onto the "On" Calypso page so in my maintenance work I will add in the appropriate links. I will be going back over the site frequently to add links to other pages as appropriate. But now that Calypso's site is now showing up on Google searches the emphasis is on getting this page at least UP. So those outside my circle of friends and Facebook postings have an encompassing view of "Living the Dream".

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