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Echoes and Boats

I have posted my video interpretation of "Echoes" by Pink Floyd on Calypso's Music page (scroll down to the bottom of the "Expanded Set"). And because that piece of music reminds me of my 'boat' days; even though it and they are not in any way related to Calypso, I posted the very popular video "Dive Dive" as well. I say very popular, as in popular for my postings, it is not "viral". But between this interpretation and the shorter version (link in this one), there have been over 250 views - and for my stuff THAT's Popular.

Now back to "Echoes"; this is my first attempt at a triple level cross-over fade. It takes place between 10:40 and 12:20, with a single frame captured in the YouTube start-up screen above (the third level is behind the play button). It is during that transition from the 'foreboding' to the 'adventure' moods of the piece of music, that I sensed as the "Death Valley" crossing to the "Silver Strand" ride. Which BTW was the road I went down to my very first duty station in the Navy. Additionally, I used the 'Gargantua' affect that I talked about in a prior post, to bring in the "Silver Strand" video. But with that as focus in a couple of spots, I think it illustrates my mood thoughts of times long ago and at present with Calypso.

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